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Sage Green Wrap Around Bed Skirts

Sage Green Wrap Around Bed Skirts


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Sage Green Wrap Around Bed Skirt

Adding a Sage Wrap-around bed skirt to your bed doesn’t need raising the enormous mattress. Instead, wrap it around your bed, and you’re done. This elastic wrap-around bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt a breeze for most individuals. In addition, you may provide a fresh look to your bedroom’s decor by using a wrap-around bed skirt.

  • The cloth used to make the sage wrap-around bed skirt is of the highest quality and will endure for many years.
  • Various colours, sizes, and lengths are available for wrap-around bed skirts.
  • In addition, this bed skirt is easy to clean and wash.
  • Putting it all together is a snap, and the finished product looks fantastic.
  • It comes with a 300-thread count as well.

Dimensions of Sage Wrap Around Bed Skirt:

Size Inches
Single 36″ X 72″
Double 48″ X 72″
Queen 60″ X 72″
King 72″ X 72″

What Sets This Comfortable Sage Wrap Around Bed Skirt Apart?

  • With a Thread Count of 300, this plush Sage wrap-around bed skirt is both soft and luxurious. In addition to being resistant to stains and abrasions. The mussed form will last longer because of the material’s softness and comfort. Covering around the mattress with this idea design gives the space a more luxurious feel. The room’s soft build further enhances the room’s luxury appeal. It will change the drop’s length. The bed’s frame is completely hidden. The area under the bed is readily accessible.
  • It’s as simple as putting on a bed skirt that wraps around the bed and getting into bed. In the same way as other bed skirts, it serves the same purpose. It gives the impression that your place is more luxurious. Also, having the ability to conceal all of your debris under your bed will make it seem more appealing.
  • With these on, you’ll be able to move about freely, although the elastic may become brittle with time. Because it does not split in the corners, it does not tear easily. To avoid disappointment, keep an eye out for the elastic and consider the size of your box spring before purchasing.

Return Policy & Payment Method Refund

You may use any major credit card or RazorPay to pay for your new beautiful Sage bed skirt. We offer a no-questions-asked return and refund policy because we appreciate your needs more.

Additional information

Wrap Around Size

Single 36"X72", Double 48"X72", Queen 60"X72", King 72"X72


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