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Burgundy Wrap Around Bed Skirts

Burgundy Wrap Around Bed Skirts


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Burgundy Wrap Around Bed Skirt

Enjoy the clarity of the bright hues on show in this range. The happy Burgundy wrap-around bed skirt offers a clean, crisp design. With the modest yet seductive Burgundy bed skirt, you can take your creativity to the next level. Fits in wonderfully with any bedroom design. With this great addition, you may create a gorgeous bedroom area. The Bliss Burgundy wrap-around bed skirt comes in numerous sizes to match your requirements. Our item is suitable for gift-giving events.

We offer various wrap-around bed skirts in store because we appreciate our consumers. We’ll show you an easy and gorgeous Burgundy wrap-around bed skirt. All bed sizes are accommodated. The Burgundy lights your space, even more, giving it a clean, sharp, and severe aspect.

You may mix and match the product with other goods from our shop. The wrap-around bed skirt adds a bit of flair to your sleeping space. This lovely but simple bed skirt may be modified to match any size or type of bed. Headboards, adjustable beds, and footboards may all benefit from it.

  • The high-quality, long-lasting fabric used to make the wrap-around bed skirt
  • It is possible to get a wrap-around bed skirt in a variety of hues, lengths, and widths.
  • You can easily clean this bed skirt with a machine wash and dry it.
  • It’s simple to put together and has a stunning appearance.
  • There are 300 threads in all on this piece.

Dimensions of Burgundy Wrap Around Bed Skirt:

Size Inches
Single 36″ X 72″
Double 48″ X 72″
Queen 60″ X 72″
King 72″ X 72″

Why is the Burgundy Wrap Around Bed Skirt so special and comfortable?

The 400-thread-count perfection of the Bliss Burgundy wrap-around bed skirt ensures its one-of-a-kindness. This bed skirt is long-lasting and won’t fade or wrinkle over time. This hue gives your bedroom a trendy and modern vibe. The bed skirt has a DIY element and adds a rich, deep appeal to the space. The white color of the elegant bed skirt complements the sophisticated and robust bedroom design. Coldwater gentle wash is all that is needed to keep your skirts looking fresh. The product is wrinkle-free and doesn’t need any bleaching. Iron is unnecessary. If you’re a fan of your style, you can shop it.

The elastic may stretch out if they continue to move around with you. It also doesn’t rip easily since it doesn’t split at the borders. So make sure you’re cautious with the elastic and that the box spring is big enough.

The ideal material for skirts is this 100% Sateen cotton. It’s dust and water-resistant. As a consequence, staining is more complicated. In addition, the fabric is wrinkle-free and may be worn without ironing.

In terms of product color, what can you expect?

An Egyptian cotton bed skirt made of 100% Egyptian cotton is an excellent investment. You can’t go wrong with a piece like this in your bedroom. In addition, when you purchase a bed skirt from us, you can be sure that it will be of high quality. All of these factors were taken into consideration while designing this device.

Refund Policy and Payment Method

All major credit cards are accepted at this store. RazorPay service is also available. You may contact us at any time of the day or night. Our main objective is to build a huge family with our clients. Although it does promise fast payment and delivery, we ensure you an easy return and refund policy.

Additional information

Wrap Around Size

Single 36"X72", Double 48"X72", Queen 60"X72", King 72"X72


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