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Lavender Comforter

Lavender Comforter


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Lavender Comforter by Aanya Linen Crafted for Ultimate Comfort

Aanya Linen presents this luxuriously soft comforter in lavender color for a great night’s sleep. This elegant and tastefully crafted comforter has everything you need to keep yourself warm throughout the night and your room in style throughout the day. The classic box pattern stitch makes it perfectly blend with your room décor. The comforter is semi-heavy with 400 GSM weight. You can use this comforter in all weathers and seasons as the microfiber filling can adapt to the surrounding temperature.

While designing our lavender comforter, we kept your needs in mind and ensured it checked all the boxes. Our comforter not only looks alluring to the eyes, but it is also incredibly soft to touch. When you cover yourself with our comforter, you will feel as if a cloud of comfort engulfs you.

Our lavender comforter is available in a single size (60″x92″), double size (92″x102″), queen size (92″x110″), king size (102″x110″), and cal-king size (92″x110″).

Lavender Comforter Comes in These Sizes:-













What makes our Lavender Comforter a perfect pick for your bedroom?

Luxurious Finish: Our lavender comforter has a silky finish and smooth texture. The comforter is filled with brushed microfibers that make it extra fluffy and warm. We have ensured there are no loose threads or unstitched edges to give that luxurious sleeping experience.

All-weather comforter: Aanya Linen offers a wide range of bedding products rich in quality and versatility. This semi-heavy comforter has been designed for all-weather use. Whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, this comforter will offer you the warmth that you need.

Hypoallergenic: We use 100% pure cotton to make our comforters and other bedding products. Since cotton is natural anti-allergenic material and breathable, the comforter is skin-friendly. Our comforter is filled with brushed microfibers made of hypoallergenic material. The sateen weave adds an extra layer for protection to the comforter and keeps allergens and dust from sticking on it, making it ideal for those who have allergies.

Stylish and Chic: Our lavender comforter has the classic box pattern design and is stitched to perfection. No matter how you like to keep your bedroom, this lavender comforter will blend with the room décor and enhance its look.

Durable: Our lavender comforter is crafted for regular use and will remain in mint condition even after multiple washes. This semi-heavy comforter has a sateen weave with 400 TC making it strong and firm. The box stitching technique further keeps the microfiber filling in place and prevents clumping. Besides this, the edges of the comforter are secured with piped stitches to ensure the comforter doesn’t wrinkle.

No cold spot: We have used advanced sewing technology to interlock the brushed microfiber filling. The box pattern stitching evenly spreads the filling, allowing the comforter to have consistent thickness. The stitches firmly hold the filling to ensure it doesn’t clump or get concentrated in one place. The comforter will not form cold spots or allow any cold air to pass through its layers.

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Single, Double, Queen, King, Cal-King


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