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Dark Grey Comforter

Dark Grey Comforter


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Dark Grey Comforter

Aanya Linen’s Dark Grey Comforter has been designed to provide you with peaceful sleep and relaxing slumber. We have used some of the finest cotton and other raw materials to ensure our comforter has everything that you have been looking for in a comforter. This lightweight comforter features a sateen weave with a 400 thread count. The comforter has 400 GSM microfiber, making it luxurious, extra fluffy, and warm. The shell of our dark grey comforter is made of double-brushed cotton threads and filled with ultra-soft microfibers that further enhance its comfort and durability.

Our dark grey 400 GSM comforters are available in single size (60″x92″) and double size (92″x102″) queen size (92″x110″) king size (102″x110″) cal-king size (92″x110″).

Dark Grey Comforter Comes in These Sizes:-













Unique features of our Dark Grey Comforter

Anti-allergen: We use ultra-soft, brushed microfiber filling that is hypoallergenic and soft. Our comforter is an excellent alternative to traditional quilts as it is made of hypoallergenic material. The cotton weave creates a barrier between the filling and allergens. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin or who are susceptible to skin allergies.

All-season use: Our dark grey comforter is made of 100% pure cotton and filled with 400 GSM ultra-soft microfibers. This makes our comforter ideal for all-weather use. The comforter is not heavy in weight yet weighty enough to keep you warm throughout cold weather.

Anti-wrinkle: We have used advanced sewing techniques to make this dark grey comforter resistant to pilling and creasing. The comforter is filled with brushed ultra-soft microfiber that keeps it fluffy and soft. The clean-edge piping further helps in making this comforter anti-wrinkle and crease-proof.

Peach finish: We use a box pattern design to sew the fabric with the microfiber filling. We sew the comforter cover in square-shaped designs that keep the filling in place. This also ensures the filling is evenly distributed through the comforter. The filling will stay intact to the cover throughout its usage. Besides this, the square pattern forms pockets of air and further enhances the fluffiness of the comforter.

Easy to clean: Our dark grey comforter is designed for machine wash. You can easily wash off the stains and dirt from the comforter and tumble dry it. No matter how many times you wash the comforter, it will be in mint condition every time.

Extra soft and fluffy: The comforter’s cover is made of 100% cotton and has a thread count of 400 TC. Moreover, the cotton fabric is double brushed for that extra soft texture and feel. The comforter is breathable, silky to touch, and luxurious in style. The comforter features 400 GSM filling, which is hypoallergenic and breathable. The cover of the comforter itself is anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic. Our dark grey comforter will be an exceptionally cozy alternative if you are allergic to feather-filled comforters.

No cold spots: Although feather-filler comforters are cozy and warm, they tend to collect pollens, dust mites, and other allergens. Over time, the filling clumps or loses its porous property, resulting in cold spots on the comforter. However, our dark grey comforter is filled with brushed micro-polyester material that is extra soft and breathable. The filling is evenly spread across the length and breadth of the comforter and stitched. This prevents the filling from clumping or collecting into one area. With our dark grey comforter, you can be assured of warm and comfortable sleep.

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Single, Double, Queen, King, Cal-King


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