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White Striped Bed Sheet Sets

White Striped Bed Sheet Sets


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Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxurious abode with Aanya Linen’s White Stripe Bed Sheet Set

White color has an elegant charm, and when added to the bedroom, it instantaneously brightens the environment. Our white stripe sheet set is designed to evoke a sense of calm and luxury in your bedroom. It is made with pure cotton and has a thread count of 300 that makes it silky smooth, cozy. The vertical stripes on the sheet that run down to the bottom add beauty and elegance. If you are one of those homemakers who love everything minimal, this white stripe sheet set will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. You can purchase this sheet set in five different sizes. Whether you have a double size bed, California king-size bed, or Queen size bed, we have a set that will fit perfectly with your needs. This 4-piece sheet set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow covers.

White Striped Bed Sheet Set Comes in These Sizes:-


Flat Sheet

Fitted Sheet

Two Pillow Cover


102” x 128”

72” x 84”

18” x 28”

King Size

102” x 108”

72” x 78”

18” x 28”

Queen Size

90” x 102”

60” x 78”

18” x 28”


78” x 98”

48” x 75”

18” x 28”


66” x 92”

36” x 72”

18” x 28”

Why Choose Our Comfy White Stripe Bed Sheet Set?

Premium Quality: At Aanya Linen, we are driven by the desire to offer our customers a comfortable sleeping experience. This allows us to design and produce bedding products at par with industry standards. We source high-quality cotton from Indian farmers and use cutting-edge technology to manufacture our products. So, when you buy our White Stripe Bed Sheet Set, be assured of getting only defectless and best products.

Comfortable: Our white stripe sheet set is made of pure cotton and has a thread count of 300. This makes our sheet extra soft and silky. The cotton itself is delicately handled so that its suppleness is intact. The sheet is buttery, soft to texture, and has a luxurious sheen.

Breathable Sheet: This cotton bed sheet set is breathable and light in weight. The weave promotes an easy flow of air to keep the skin oxygenated while you sleep. Besides this, you can use the sheet throughout the year.

Durable: Since we work with high-quality raw materials and use some of the most advanced technologies, we can produce durable bedding products. The 300 thread count further makes our sheet extra strong and sturdy.

Hypoallergenic sheets: At every step of the product manufacturing process, we keep the well-being of our customers in mind. Our white comfy sheet set is hypoallergenic and antibacterial to make it suitable for everyday use. Besides this, the sheet is as soft to touch as it looks. The sheet is resistant to mold, allergens, dust, and mites. All these qualities and much more make this sheet the perfect choice if you have kids or older adults at home.

Easy to Maintain: Most homeowners refrain from using the white color sheet as it tends to stain easily. However, our white sheet set is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about spoiling your sheet as it has an anti-stain covering. Not only this, the sheet will retain its shape and will not crimp even after multiple washes.

Affordable: All our products are priced reasonably so that more and more people can experience the joy of comfortable sleep. Besides this, we have initiated a 60-day money-back warranty to give our customers a hassle-free shopping experience.





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Single, Double, Queen, King, Cal-King


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