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White Cushion Covers

White Cushion Covers


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White Cushion Covers

There is nothing more soothing than a pair of white cushion covers as it looks exquisite and tends to compliment each of your room decors. The room decor often gets too loud, and hence it becomes difficult to maintain parity. A white cushion cover is not only soothing, but it tends to be the perfect choice for those who do not want to go overboard with the options. Some people might think that white cushion covers are complete; however, that is certainly not true because it tends to compliment the room tone perfectly. The cotton body cushion covers have got the best quality Egyptian cotton, and it makes sure that the user finds it comforting.

Aanya Linen is a name that resonates with those who focus on quality products, and that is just what we try to provide you as well. The white cushion covers are one of our best-selling items, and we strongly advocate that you get hold of these fantastic options for yourself today. Why so?

Dimensions of White Cushion Covers :-

12″ X 12″, 14″ X 14″, 16″ X 16″, 18″ X 18″, 20″ X 20″, 22″ X 22″, 24″ X 24″, 26″ X 26″, 28″ X 28″

What Makes The White Cushion Cover Sets The Best of its Kind?

Aanya Linen has always been a firm believer in providing quality products, and it is our prerogative to make the best available for you. Remember that the very first thing you need to consider is the quality of the fabric, which is something that we excel in. Not only that, many people think that white is difficult to maintain; however, in reality, we have made sure that it is easy to wash and handy.

Not only that, the fabric is highly breathable and hence comfortable. The quality of the material is also resistant to any kind of bacteria or mould buildup, and therefore it is durable at the same time.

Payment Method For the Purchase

Now comes the most crucial part of the discussion: the payment and how you can place your order. You can head over to our website, and from there, you can set the order. The only mode of payment available currently is the credit and debit cards of those of Indian origin or who have Indian cards applicable for domestic usage. Each of our transactions is protected by Razorpay, do not worry about the legitimacy at all!

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12″ X 12″, 14″ X 14″, 16″ X 16″, 18″ X 18″, 20″ X 20″, 22″ X 22″, 24″ X 24″, 26″ X 26″, 28″ X 28″


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