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Red Bed Sheets with Four Pillow Covers

Red Bed Sheets with Four Pillow Covers


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Red Bed Sheets with Four Pillow Covers

The secret to a happy and active lifestyle is good sleep. And for a peaceful sleep, one should have a comfortable bed.  Aanya Linen has introduced a new range of flat bed sheets set to add comfort and peace to your life. Our bed sheets are made from 100% long-staple cotton and crafted to perfection to ensure you experience a calm and relaxed sleep. The sheet has a high thread count of 300 TC and a sateen weave. The sheet gets its smooth texture from ultrafine cotton fibers and the silky shine from the sateen weave. The red color will add freshness to your room and turn it into an elegant suite. This bed sheet set has a total of four pillowcases. The pillow covers have a superior stitch and fine finish. The cover will firmly hold the pillows and not let them slip off or clump.

Dimensions of Our Red Bedsheets with Four Pillow Covers:- 


Flat Bed Sheet

Pillow Cases
















Why this red bed sheets with four pillow covers from Aanya Linen is perfect for you?

Extra pillowcases: We have designed our new line of bed sheet set to offer you more comfort. We have added two extra pillowcases to our flatbed sheet set. The pillowcases are made from pure cotton and have a smooth texture and silky shine. Every time you lay your head on the pillow, you will instantly fall into a restful sleep. Give it a try!

Soft texture: Cotton bed sheets are a staple bedding product in any household. Since the kind of bed sheets we use impact our sleep, it’s essential to invest in smooth and soft bed sheets. Our red flat bed sheet is pure cotton and has an ultrafine texture. The sheet has a smooth surface and buttery shine that makes it comfortable and cozy.

Durable: While it’s true that every good thing has an expiry date, this red flat bed sheet set is made different. We use fine-quality cotton that we source from Indian farmers. The cotton we use produces superior quality fibers. The fibers are weaved into sheets in our state-of-the-art facility and repeatedly inspected for defects. The high thread count and the sateen weave add more life to this sheet.

Breathable: Unlike bed sheets made from other materials, cotton sheets are breathable, lightweight, and extremely cozy. Our red flat bed sheet is pure cotton and weaved in a sateen pattern. The weave pattern allows air to pass through the sheet and ensures you have a comfortable sleep. 

Anti-wrinkle: Although our bedsheets are soft and silky smooth, they will not slip off the mattress or clump when it is used. The high thread count of 300TC gives this sheet strength to stay crisp and sleek. No matter how often you wash the sheet, it will retain its crisp quality.

Hypoallergenic: Cotton fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic. They repel the dust, mites, and pollutants away, thus, ideal for bedding products. The ultrafine fibers of this red flat bed sheet prevent allergy-causing microorganisms from collection on the surface. Besides this, the sheet is skin-friendly and ideal for kids and older adults. 

Easy to wash: When it comes to washing cotton bed sheets, one thing we all worry about is fraying or pilling the fibers. The best part about our bedsheet set is that it is easy to wash and clean. Moreover, the colorfast dyes we use to color the sheet ensure that color doesn’t run off when the sheet is washed.

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