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Light Grey Wrap Around Bed Skirts

Light Grey Wrap Around Bed Skirts


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Light Grey Wrap Around Bed Skirt

The light grey color of this Comfy Wrap Around Bed Skirt complements the rest of the room’s decor well. The result is a stunning gloss, perfect for a wrap-around bed skirt. The weave pattern highlights Cotton’s suppleness and sturdiness. With this bed skirt, the room will look like a decorator’s dream come true. With a 300-thread-count weave, sateen lends itself to a luxurious feel. Using our website’s measuring guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the perfect bed skirt for your space. First, choose a size that fits your mattress.

You don’t have to lift your mattress to use a Wrap-around bed skirt; wrap it around it. This flexible wrap-around bed skirt makes changing a bed skirt a breeze for most individuals.

  • High-quality, durable fabric was used to make this wrap-around bed skirt.
  • They come in a wide variety of hues, styles, and measurements.
  • A machine washable and simple-to-care-for bed skirt is included.
  • Additionally, it has a thread count of 300

Dimensions of Light Grey Wrap Around Bed Skirt :

Size Inches
Single 36″ X 72″
Double 48″ X 72″
Queen 60″ X 72″
King 72″ X 72″


What Is So Special About This Light Grey Wrap Around a Bed Skirt?

  • The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a wrap bed skirt is the quality of the skirt. Comfortable Light Grey Wrap Around Bed Skirt is simple to clean and maintain.” This means that you can be confident that only the best Comfy has made it to your doorstep. The Bed Skirt is then meticulously cut and sewed to ensure that it is of the highest quality imaginable. We also watch the elastic utilized in the Bed skirt to ensure that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Therefore, it does not need ironing and may be washed regularly and many times. Aside from that, the Sateen fabric is simple to care for since it is wrinkle- and dust-resistant.
  • A variety of beautiful colors are available to match the length of the autumn season and the sort of bed you choose. The elastic on this bed skirt enables it to remain in position and maintain a neat appearance. The bed skirt also acts as a barrier to prevent dust from accumulating under the mattress. The African Cotton Wrap-Around Bed Skirt in light grey is made entirely of African cotton. The major component of the Comfy Bed Skirt is an imported product of superior quality.
  • This 100% Sateen cotton is an excellent fabric for skirts and other garments. Dust and water are unable to pass through it. Consequently, staining becomes more difficult. Other than that, the main drawback is that the fabric is prone to creases. There is no need to press it before putting it on your body. The stitching on this product is differentiated by using 300-thread count threads. Most notably, the freshness and re-decoration that have been offered to your neighborhood demonstrate its distinctiveness.

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Additional information

Wrap Around Size

Single 36"X72", Double 48"X72", Queen 60"X72", King 72"X72


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