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Black Cushion Covers

Black Cushion Covers


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Black Cushion Covers

It would not be wrong to say that there is something special about the colour black and when we talk about cushion covers, they simply look royal and different. Going for monochromatic colours is something that not many people do; however, it looks beautiful and unique at the same time! The best thing about a set of black cushion covers is that they tend to go with every style and can be the perfect match for your room and the curtains you have chosen. Black Cushion Covers tend to look quite aesthetic, and you can choose to go a bit creative with the choice of decor that will be a perfect addition to your black cushions.

The black cushion covers do not need anything to be done, and these are ready to use as they come pre-stitched. You need to choose your cushion size and then eventually pick up the cover, which is perfect in size. The black option is also quite matte in appearance and tends to look classy at the same time!

Dimensions of Black Cushion Covers:-

12″ X 12″, 14″ X 14″, 16″ X 16″, 18″ X 18″, 20″ X 20″, 22″ X 22″, 24″ X 24″, 26″ X 26″, 28″ X 28″

What Makes The Black Cushion Covers Best Of the Lot?

It has taken us a lot of time and effort to craft the perfect set of cushion covers, and specifically, the black cushion cover set is one of the best in the lot. We make sure that each cushion cover is crafted with perfection, and hence the first thing we focus on is the quality. We crafted each of the covers with the best quality of Egyptian cotton, and it ensures that you can make a comfortable and breathable choice. The material is such that it avoids the build-up of any bacteria because, most of the time, flimsy cushion covers are the base of harmful diseases.

We have also made sure that cleaning the covers is an easy job because honestly speaking, nobody has a lot of time to devote to hand based cleaning. We have ensured that nothing but only the very best of quality is used, which does not compromise the cushion covers’ look.

If you love to go for solid surfaces and want something that compliments all your room decor choices, then the best option to rely on is the black cushion cover set from Aanya Linen.

Payment Options

To confirm your order, you have to make the payment online, and as of now, we are accepting only credit and debit cards of domestic or Indian origin. Do not worry, as we have protected each of our payment systems with razor pay to ensure that there are zero fraudulent activities.

Aanya Linen makes sure that we get you the best cushion covers, which are sustainable and accessible just for our clients!

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12" X 12", 14" X 14", 16" X 16", 18" X 18", 20" X 20", 22" X 22", 24" X 24", 26" X 26", 28" X 28"


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